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Comprised of proprietary lens material in an advanced shape, finished with custom formulated lens tints and coatings, i-AMP lens technology is specifically engineered to reduce digital eye strain.

SteelSeries Desmo | Onyx Orange
Lens Geometry [FRACTYL]

FRACTYL lens geometry includes a specifically tuned focusing power to enhance detail and a highly wrapped lens design that limits air currents near the eye.



Edge | Onyx
Lens Material [DIAMIX]

DIAMIX lens material is optically pure, ensuring the clearest image by eliminating distortion and haze caused by impurities.



Edge | Cloud
Lens Tint [iONIK]

IONIK lens tints improve overall contrast and comfort by filtering out harsh artificial light, eliminating UV rays and reducing high-intensity visible light.



Anime | Steel Blue

iFi lens coatings include an anti-reflective layer to reduce glare and an exterior hard coat that minimizes environmental damage and scratching.