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SKU: PEN-01106

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Five star. GUNNAR i-AMP3D lens technology delivers an ultra-real, ultra-vivid 3D viewing experience. With custom engineered lenses manufactured on machinery from the ophthalmic industry and eyewear features found only on best-in-class frames, Penta delivers professional grade comfort along with the industry's best optics. Adjustable nose pads allow for a customizable fit. Rigid steel lens mounts precisely hold the lenses without creating stress that can degrade the optical experience. Soft silicone temples grip lightly to keep the eyewear in place. Ultra strong and flexible stainless steel ensures long term durability along with optimal comfort. In the professional 3D community one thing is crystal clear ... Penta performs. RealD™ compatible.
NOTE: GUNNAR Premium 3D Eyewear use circular polarized or passive 3D lens technology. They’re compatible with any movie theatres or consumer electronics equipment using only Real D 3D technology.
51 / 28mm