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Q: What’s the difference between Advanced Computer Eyewear and Advanced Gaming Eyewear?

A: The lens technology is exactly the same for both Advanced Computer Eyewear and Advanced Gaming Eyewear styles. The only differences between the categories are frame styles and headphone compatibility.

Q: Why do digital users need Technology Eyewear?

A: It is not uncommon in this digital age for people to produce and consume six hours or more of digital content per day. Heavy computer users are likely to spend more hours interacting with digital screens than with direct sunlight. GUNNAR Optiks is a technical eyewear solution that helps protect, enhance and optimize your vision. GUNNARS help minimize eye fatigue and visual stress, while improving contrast, comfort and focus.

Q: What results can users expect from wearing GUNNAR Technology Eyewear?

  • An increase in contrast and resolution
  • A reduction in glare and reflections
  • A decrease in eye strain and dry eye
  • An increase in effectiveness, productivity and performance

Q: What is i-AMP® lens technology?

A: GUNNAR’S patent-pending i-AMP lens technology is the result of intensive study and research on the human optical system and its interaction with digital devices at specific distances and in specific light. Based on optometric principles developed over years, and fused with the most recent scientific advances from the GUNNAR tech labs, i-AMP lens technology works with and enhances the properties of the human eye. Comprised of a proprietary lens material in an advanced geometry and finished with custom tints and coatings, i-AMP lens technology increases visual performance when interacting with any digital screen.

The i-AMP lens technology platform includes:

  • diAMIX lens material
  • fRACTYL lens geometry
  • i-Fi lens coating
  • iONIk lens tints: Amber, Crystalline, Gradient GOLD, Gradient GREY lens tints available

Q: Is GUNNAR Technology Eyewear compatible with prescription lenses?

A: Yes, GUNNAR’S custom prescription program is available through Carl Zeiss Vision, please visit our RX section for further details.

Q: Does GUNNAR Technology Eyewear have optical power?

A: The patented i-AMP lens technology platform with fRACTYL lens geometry is specifically tuned for mid-range viewing distances.

Q: Can I get an Rx through your website?

A: Yes, please visit our RX section for further details.

Q: How much are Rx orders?

A: Please contact us on rx@gunnars.co.in for further details.

Q: Do we provide Rx services worldwide?

A: Carl Zeiss Vision facilitates GUNNAR’S Rx program in North America. To find an international Rx provider, visit www.gunnars.com/retailers/international.

Q: What is the Rx return policy?

A: Rx return policies vary by individual eye care provider. Please refer to the return policy of your authorized GUNNAR Rx provider.

Q: What are the dimensions of your glasses? / How will I know a pair will fit me?

A: Each product page features dimensions for each style, to be more precise we suggest measuring your favorite pair of sunglasses / glasses to ensure the best fit.

Q: Who should wear GUNNAR Technology Eyewear?

A: Anyone who spends time using computers or electronic digital devices will benefit from wearing GUNNAR Technology Eyewear.

Q: Can I wear GUNNAR Technology Eyewear all day?

A: GUNNAR precision frames are designed with one goal in mind – visual ergonomics. For visual endurance, every frame system is engineered for optimal weight, comfort and durability. Most users prefer GUNNAR eyewear for intermediate distance viewing, however multi-tasking throughout the day is not unusual or harmful.

Q: Why are GUNNAR products better than what’s currently available?

A: GUNNAR’S patented i-AMP lens technology and style-based design distinguish GUNNAR Technology Eyewear from other options. GUNNAR remains the industry leader in understanding the human visual system’s interaction with digital devices.

Q: Tell me about GUNNAR’S various lines of Technology Eyewear.

A: GUNNAR Advanced Computer Eyewear optimizes visual performance for anyone who spends long hours viewing computers, smart phones, TV monitors, and all other digital screens.

GUNNAR Advanced Gaming Eyewear uses the same lens technology as our Advanced Computer Eyewear. The primary difference resides in the featherlight frame design and headset compatible temples that are optimized for visual and ergonomic performance when gaming for long periods of time. Improves a gamer’s visual efficiency, endurance and recovery.

GUNNAR Premium 3D Eyewear Delivers a distinct visual experience for avid producers and consumers of 3D. Redefines the boundaries of cutting-edge style, ergonomic comfort, and digital performance.

GUNNAR Advanced Outdoor Eyewear is for anyone that views technology in brightly lit outdoor environments. Each comes with a custom light transmission profile, optimized viewing distance and ergonomic frame geometry.

Q: How much does the Technology Eyewear cost?

A: GUNNAR Technology Eyewear retails from between $79 – $189.

Q: Where can consumers purchase GUNNAR Technology Eyewear?

A: Consumers can purchase GUNNARS at thousands of specialty retailers, e-tailers, university bookstores, electronic stores and authorized eye care providers across 20+ countries. GUNNARS can also be purchased online at www.gunnars.com.

Q: Who should wear Technology Eyewear?

A: Anyone who spends three hours or more viewing digital screens will benefit from wearing GUNNAR Technology Eyewear. Users who interact with computers, tablet PCs, iPads, TVs and smartphones will experience a noticeable benefit with GUNNAR Technology Eyewear.

Q: Has GUNNAR conducted research to prove that its eyewear helps prevent CVS?

A: Anyone who spends three hours or more interacting with digital screens will benefit from wearing GUNNAR Technology Eyewear. Check out the results of our Productivity Study at www.gunnars.com.

Q: Is there a line specifically for gamers, women and children?

A: Yes, Advanced Gaming Eyewear is designed specifically for gamers by incorporating increased viewing angles and headset compatible temples. In addition, we carry a variety of styles geared towards women. Children’s styles will certainly come in the near future.

Q: Is GUNNAR 3D eyewear compatible with movie theaters, TV’s and computer screen?

A: GUNNAR’S Premium 3D Eyewear line used circular polarized or PASSIVE 3D lens technology. They’re compatible with any movie theaters or consumer electronics equipment using RealD 3D technology.