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GUNNAR started in the garage of one of its co-founders, Jenny Michelsen.

The explosion of digital device use has created an unprecedented amount of eye strain in today’s modern society. Officially recognized as a workplace ergonomic issue less than two decades ago, Computer Vision Syndrome has become the number one office related injury within the in last five years, utstripping carpal tunnel syndrome by a factor of 8 to 1. With rapid adoption of technology not only in the workplace but also for recreational and scholastic use and with the advances in screen technology allowing smaller screens to contain more information, the increase in eye strain will only accelerate. GUNNAR Optiks present a solution for relieving effects of Computer Vision Syndrome and Digital Eye Fatigue.

In 2003 the concept of GUNNAR Optiks was born out of necessity. One of the founders was a financier on Wall Street and suffered from frequent migraines and digital eye strain. After visiting his doctor and optometrist he discovered that he was suffering from a thing called Computer Vision Syndrome and had a pair of glasses with a light prescription made to help him. This germinated the idea of an affordable pair of digital eye-protection designed to prevent Computer Vision Syndrome.

The brand launched after two years of clinical trials and development of the perfect lens formula. Working closely with a team of eye doctors, GUNNAR designed the optimum lens color, material, power and AR coatings to help eyes perform better and prevent exhaustion.